Photography and Videography

About Me

1901253_764703916908529_3514093181226003652_nCurrently I am working in TV News as a staff photojournalist with WFMZ-TV in Allentown PA. My passion lies both in still photography and videography. I have experience with a variety of file formats and equipment from old school deck to deck DVC Pro tape, to DSLR video, Panasonic P2, and RED raw; and have a solid grasp on the whole gamut of codecs, containers, and file formats. I am extremely proficient in Final Cut Pro, Quantel, Avid, Premier, Photoshop, and After Effects, and am comfortable with the entire Adobe suite and other post software from DaVinci, Avid, Red Giant, and more. I have a strong understanding of current technologies in broadcast engineering and a lot of experience designing and implementing a HD digital file management workflow. In my spare time I enjoy shooting the thing I love to do like snowboarding, biking, music, and anything fun!
You can check out my Vimeo at- and reach me at- with any inquiries.



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