Photography and Videography

Lowell-Eden Asbestos Mine

The Lowell-Eden asbestos mine, located on the same mountain range as Jay Peak in Northern Vermont, once produced 83% of the country’s asbestos and was in operation from the late 1800s until 1993. When it closed down due to EPA restrictions in 1992 everything was left as is, including the giant piles of unwanted leftover material known as tailings, and nothing is currently planed for the site.

HDR B&W of erosion on the tailings, if your a skier or snowboarder like me this looks like it would be heaven on the east coast in winter.

HDR of some of the little erosion control that is being done. Chemicals in the rock related to the asbestos shade everything from the rock itself to the water runoff an erie green.

HDR of an old rowboat near one of the runoff ponds.

For the full album please click on the image below to be taken to my Picasa web album-

Eden Asbestos Mine



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